Framed By The Frogs
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The title of Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Er, no.

When it came to his Judgement on the BALPA Affair, Judge Richard Seymour QC was less than complimentary about Renault and its witnesses, including past and present employees Carolyn Sample, Steve Wilson, Toby Johnson and Keith Hayles.

Here's what His Lordship had to say about Steve Wilson of Renault ...



'it seems to me .... that Miss Sample and Mr. Wilson did indeed either understand perfectly well how the sales by FleetPro were being achieved .... or each closed his or her eyes to what, if they had thought about it for a moment, was blindingly obvious'

'Mr. Johnstone knew, certainly by 28 June 2005, before the delivery of the first vehicle by the Dealer under the BALPA Scheme, that none of the vehicles was in fact being supplied to someone entitled to the benefit of the BALPA Scheme, that Miss Sample either knew, by 12 July 2005, that the benefit of the BALPA Scheme was being misused, or deliberately closed her eyes to that possibility, and that Mr. Wilson was in a similar state of knowledge or wilful ignorance by 27 October 2005'


In this extract from 'Framed By The Frogs' Renault's Steve Wilson digs his own grave on the Witness Stand

"And so the testimony of Steve Wilson continues, with Laura John laying traps and Steve walking into them. Now he’s being challenged about the phenomenal drop in sales volume at Renault during the reign of the BALPA account.

Steve’s just tried to avoid answering the question truthfully by saying that the Corporate Sales Department has met its targets. But Laura John hasn’t let up and now he’s admitted that as far as Renault was concerned this was ‘not our best year of sales’ and added that ‘perhaps retail sales didn’t make targets’.

Now that is an understatement, Steve. Renault sales were down by 32% at one point during that year. Renault had lost virtually a third of its sales in just 12 months. Can you imagine just how desperate that would make Renault to sell cars?

And finally, Steve Wilson has maintained all along that he had asked me repeatedly about who was buying the cars sold under the BALPA account. But whilst Steve has recorded his visits to me in typed notes of each meeting, not one of the notes contains any record of such questioning, this despite other far less important issues being recorded.

Now, if you were so concerned about this point that you allegedly asked about it at every meeting Steve, how come you didn’t bother to record this fundamental question and my alleged response in any of the meeting notes?

So, with enough contradictions in his evidence now drawn out of Steve Wilson, Laura has finished her questioning, and it’s my turn with a rather relieved looking witness. But I really only want to know one thing. It’s a test of how far you are prepared to go under oath on the Witness Stand, Steve.

So, Steve, what did you ask me about the BALPA account when we met? His response - he asked about the web site security. There was a momentary pause, and then, seemingly as an emergency after-thought, Steve says that he also asked about who was buying the cars. Too late, Steve. Although it was only a moment’s delay, anyone and everyone in the Courtroom noticed it, and the Court tape recording surely clocked it as well.

Job done. Which means it is now Carolyn Sample’s turn on the witness stand. And this is going to be interesting, to say the least."

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