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If you've read the e-mail from Herds of Isleworth you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe it was a one off and that this kind of corruption only affects independent Renault dealers. Wrong!

It's not just the independent Renault dealer network that's playing games with Renault corporate accounts.

Take a look at the spin from Keith Hawes, then read the e-mail below from David Hughes, Corporate Sales Manager at Renault Birmingham, a dealership actually owned by Renault! (The customer's name is deleted to protect the guilty.)

Here, David Hughes has used a Renault corporate customer's account to register cars so that Renault Birmingham can get additional discounts for its customers.

In return, Renault Birmingham has paid a commission to the account holder for using the account, in this case £2,250 + VAT.

So, if both independent Renault dealers and those owned by Renault itself are taking advantage of the huge discounts given through Renault's corporate accounts, why not every Renault customer?


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